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Vangelis is my favourite composer, the one that means more to me personally than any other.

I made this community in the hope that other people love his music too and would like to talk about it. Make of it what you will.
  • Great composer...


    Nice to see another fan of Vangelis! He's got such a gift for making music. I got so much of his stuff, the rarest being the 4 disc Esper Definitive version of the Blade Runner score, as well as 'Reflections: Music in the key of Blade Runner' which was a limited 25 set release that i got which is absolutely amazing. I hope to hear more of his fine work someday... =)
    • Re: Great composer...

      Wow, rare stuff. I don't have any bootleg stuff except for a copy (or a copy of a copy) of 'Fais Que Ton Reve Soit Plus Long Que La Nuit'. I do have most of the rarer commercial albums though like 'Hypothesis' and 'The Dragon'.
  • Dear Mistdog! All my life I knew Vangelis only as friend and composer for D.Roussos and film "Conquest of Paradise". Not long ago I find CD with selection from the works of Vangelis and I like his music more and more! It's a great pity, in our country (Ukraine)it is difficult to find more music of Vangelis, I even read some of his music is possible to find only in Greese... I think, you're great fan and have all his discography! Help me please to find Collaboration works of Vangelis with greek and italian singers (except Demis), especially with Maria Farantouri that I like much. I'll glad to have any info, where free Vangelis's music is in internet.
    (and excuse me my horrible English)
  • Take the time, pls, listen to L'apocalypse des animeaux and Heaven and hell. To my opinion these are the best ones.
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